Our NRC, Fair NRC

My parents and we two siblings applied for NRC with same legacy data of my grandfather. In first draft of NRC the name my father and my younger brother was published. I along with my mother got a notice for hearing and verification of documents. At first I presented my ‘Birth Certificate’ as the proof. When I visited Batadrava PHC for verification, one of the official conveyed me that may be my birth certificate was not valid so NRC authority had rejected my application. Then he asked my “class 10th Admit” card as a proof and I presented the same. After detailing all the information, I signed on the form and the official assured me that now your name will be included in final draft of NRC. I thanked him and happily returned home and was excitedly waiting for my name in final draft of NRC.
But, Unfortunately my name is not included in the final Draft of NRC, when my parent’s and brother’s name was there in the final list. I was wondering why my name was dropped out from the list. Where is the mistake? Who has done it?
I’ll not blame that verification officer rather I’ll always Thank him for his kind behaviour and selfless contribution for a fair NRC.

The 40 lakhs of people of Assam who has deprived from the NRC, Are they done same mistake like me? What is the wrong with these 40 lakhs people?
Who’ll Answer these questions?